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Shenzhen Mai Kangxin Medical Robot Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D, manufacturing and selling firm of rehabilitation robots. With the dedication of “providing the mobility-impaired and paralyzed with a healthy and confident life”, we never cease our pace to develop and produce smart rehabilitation products to the public.

The pictures in this brochure are only for illustration purpose. For any discrepancies between pictures and actual products, please refer to the actual products.

To improve product quality, we may alter partial structure and appearance of the product without advanced notification.


  1. Product Features


  •  Patented;
  • Assisting the mobility-impaired in moving from wheelchair to sofa, bed, bathroom and other places so that they can do washing, showering and treating on their own.
  • Wide-ranged folding design saves labour and reduces waist-bearing.
  •  load of 120kgs makes it applicable to different body shapes.
  • Adjustable height;
  • The mute wheels, wheel brake system and double buckles ensure high using security.
  • Water-proof materials;
  • Soft cushion for long-time sitting and various using applications;
  • There is a small tube for the infusion support. The tube is detachable and changeable to left or right side.
  • Stylish colors apply to all kinds of scenarios.




  1. Product Applications


This moving chair is delicately designed for patients and the elderly with mobility difficulty, and it is an ideal tool for families, medical institutions and nursing homes etc.


  1. Important Notes


  • Please make sure the machine is intact and well-knit before use.
  • When sitting into or getting up from the machine, keep patient's feet on ground instead of on pedals.
  • Please adjust the height before use. 
  • Make sure the seat boards on both sides are kept at the same height before use.
  • Please do not adjust height while the patient is sitting down.
  • Please take down the bedpan holder and bedpan before folding and unfolding the machine.
  • Make sure the wheels are locked while the patient is sitting into or getting up.
  • Make sure the four wheels are all locked while the patient is bathing.
  • Make sure the four wheels are all locked when staying on slopes.


  1. Production Date and Service Life


The production date is stated on the packing case. This product endures a service life of 3 years.



  1. Packing List


When opening the packing case, please confirm the following parts and accessories are included:


NO. Name Unit Qty Remark
1 bottom holders set 1
1.Cushion for free
2 left handle parts set 1
3 right handle parts set 1
2.The warranty and certificate are attached to
4 bedpan parts set 1
5 user manual pc 1


  1. Maintenance


  • For safety use,please do regular check and maintenance to the machine.
  • Please use neutral detergent for cleaning.
  • Please do regular check on the parts, and replace the loose or damaged.
  • Please follow the instructions when assembling or disassembling to prevent unexpected damages.



  1. After-sales


We warrant the machine against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. For any non-human damages during the warranty period, we will, at our option, repair or replace the machine at our own cost.


This warranty is not subject to any malfunctions caused by misuse and any machines altered or repaired without our authorization. The situations set forth void all liability statements.


It is recommended to keep the packing materials for probable return shipment as they are designed to protect the product.


Service line: 0086-755-89337988


The final interpretation right of all the contents set forth are reserved by Shenzhen Mai Kangxin Medical Robot Co., Ltd.

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